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          Elena is a vibrant choral conductor with an ear for excellence and easy-going demeanor. With over a decade of formal conducting experience, she is as comfortable in front of a choir as she is in solo performance. She uses her vocal knowledge and skills, acquired from years of solo performance, teaching, and her own voice study, to draw the best out of any ensemble. In 2017, Elena formed Magnificat, a small vocal ensemble that primarily performs sacred, a cappella works. Over the last three years, they have grown in size and repertoire. Despite the pandemic, Magnificat has continued to rehearse and perform

under the safest conditions possible--either outdoors, or masked and in the large sanctuary of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, in Stirling, NJ. They continue to carry out their mission of bringing authentic beauty to worship, and to the world around us.


Elena is currently the Director of Sacred Music at the St. Paul Seminary at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she leads three choral ensembles and teaches voice and various elements of musical leadership. She is pursuing her Doctorate in Voice Performance and Choral Conducting from the University of Minnesota under the guidance of Jane Giering-DeHaan, Kathy Salzman Romey and Matthew Mehaffey.

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